Success is the result of perfection, hard work, learning from failure, loyalty and persistence. – Colin Powell


Success depends on your ability to stay persistent.

Long after your initial motivation has faded out. Long after your initial inspiration has sizzled out.

You would face a long daunting road. In your path of your dreams.

It wouldn’t be a road full of roses. It may very well be a road full of rock and dirt. It may be guaranteed a bumpy ride.

It gets harder when you face your surmounting obstacles. It is worse when your loved ones don’t share your same dreams. It is unthinkable when others pour cold water onto it.

But life is like that.

You would face your challenges. Regardless how noble is your dream. No matter how determined you are.

So, how do you stay committed to your dream?

For a start, make a commitment. Stay committed.  It is a promise to you yourself, or to your loved ones, or even to those whom you respected. A commitment to see it through.

Make your dreams bigger than life. Make it a symbol, an unbreakable symbol. A selfish, materialistic objective can be easily crushed. A noble, grand idea can withstand the test of time, especially when the obstacle in reality pales in comparison to your ideals.

Don’t make things more difficult for yourself. Remove temptation. If you lacking of time to pursue your dreams, cut off on TV and internet. If you find it hard to stay fit, put away all the junk food. Make it as easy for you to follow your dreams, and as difficult to adopt bad habits.

How well do you follow through with your dreams? How effective is your quest in being persistent? Think through the above three ideas, and how you could incorporate them into your life.




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