100 HAPPY DAYS R3 – WEEKS 14 &15 & Review

Finale for Round 3.


Day 91 : August 30, 2015 : Another quiet Sunday to spend time on readings.

Day 92 : August 31, 2015 : Happy Birthday, Malaysia!

Day 93 : September 1, 2015 : Took a day off today. To run some errands and have tea at Orchard. It was surreal experience to be there on a working day.

Day 94 : September 2, 2015 : Went for our weekly swimming session. And was it me or do I feel like I could have swum further today? Guess I am improving on my swimming, with consistent practice.

Day 95 : September 3, 2015 : It’s all about the general election. Everywhere I go, there are rallies and conversations regarding which party is better. It is interesting listening to their arguments, both the politicians and the public.

Day 96 : September 4, 2015 : Had dinner with friend at Bugis Junction. It has been a long time since I had dinner there. The food is great!

Day 97 : September 5, 2015 : Went to Art Science Museum for a tour on Singapore history. So many things to know and to reflect upon.

Day 98 : September 6, 2015 : Attended a talk on diving. That looks interesting. That would be my next sport, once I have mastered my swimming.

Day 99 : September 7, 2015 : Went to watch the movie Inside Out. My friends all gave raving reviews on it. And I guessed, why not? Fabulous movie.

Day 100 : September 8, 2015 : To celebrate the finale of the 100 Happy Days? Had a sumptuous lunch. The more sinful, the better. LOL.



What do I learn here?

Happiness is a state of mind. So is sadness.

Happiness is a choice. So is sadness.

We can find something to be happy about, in every day, in every situation. Regardless how improbable it seems.

The best way to be happy? To be grateful. To be contented with what you have.


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