Another good week with nuggets here and there.

Day 84 : August 23, 2015 : A good time to rest after a hectic week

Day 85 : August 24, 2015 : Went to catch Attack on Titan on cinema. It was good, experiencing all the sci fi effects.

Day 86 : August 25, 2015 : Went to a meetup where we volunteer to do caption for the hard-at-hearing students. It was a new experience for me and my friend.

Day 87 : August 26, 2015 : Supposedly to go for a swim, but there was a last minute meeting. End up with a short lunch at McDonalds. At least I collected a Hello Kitty for my friend.

Day 88 : August 27, 2015 : Meeting up with a new friend over dinner. Had the buy 1 free 1 promotion on Subway. And followed with a nutritional talk at her company. The importance of having a balanced breakfast.

Day 89 : August 28, 2015 : Had an early sleep because the meet up tomorrow is held early in the morning. It’s good to have a good, long sleep.

Day 90 : August 29, 2015 : Joined another meetup. This time round we explore Paya Lebar area and went to the Air Force Museum.


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