100 HAPPY DAYS R3 – WEEKS 11 & 12

Haven’t been really updating this blog for a long time. And yet, each day passes by. We shouldn’t forget that in each day, there is happiness to be found, regardless how trivial it is.

As each entry below shows, it is usually the little things that matters. And it is the little things that we get our happiness from. Happiness can be simple.

Day 70 : August 9, 2015 : It’s National Day today for Singapore. Happy 50th Birthday, Singapore!

Day 71 : August 10, 2015 : It’s another day of holiday today. What a good day to recharge and relax.

Day 72 : August 11, 2015 : Browsing through the old photos, seeing all the events I had been to. Reminiscing  the past. Of all the fond memories. I should be taking up photography again.

Day 73 : August 12, 2015 :  Went for a swim during lunch time. Despite the slight rain, we persist on. It’s one good exercise.

Day 74 : August 13, 2015 : Borrowed a few movies from Esplanade library.

Day 75 : August 14, 2015 : A friend passed his wedding invite to me. It will be a wonderful September.

Day 76 : August 15, 2015 : Joined two different meet up groups today. Explored Hort Park in the morning and Punggol in the evening. It was a fruitful day – exploring unchartered places (at least to me) and getting to know new friends.

Day 77 : August 16, 2015 : Joined my colleagues for a run in McRitchie Reservoir. They ran so fast! It has been a long time since I went for a jog.

Day 78 : August 17, 2015 : Had lunch further away from usual as colleague wanted to buy some reference books for his kids. It’s good to break out from the norms, every once in a while.

Day 79 : August 18, 2015 : A colleague organized a fair today – educating us on the safety aspects in work. As usual, the fair has games and prizes to win.

Day 80 : August 19, 2015 : Took leave today. Had a good recharge, simply doing nothing.

Day 81 : August 20, 2015 : Had fun chatting with old friends.

Day 82 : August 21, 2015 : Met up with friends for dinner and Haagen Dazs for desserts afterwards.

Day 83 : August 22, 2015 : Looking forward to Singapore Night Festival tonight.


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