It is a long weekend ahead! Happy Birthday, Singapore!

Day 63 : August 2, 2015 : A quiet time for reading in my room. Plenty of books to catch up.

Day 64 : August 3, 2015 : Happiness is .. dinner with friends. Haha, it is always good to catch up with old friends.

Day 65 : August 4, 2015 : Went for a swim at noon. Managed to swim for a longer duration and at a slightly faster speed. Better practice next time.

Day 66 : August 5, 2015 : For a warm day, ice kachang over lunch is the best! Happiness over small matters.

Day 67 : August 6, 2015 : Met up with a few ex-colleagues over dinner and desserts. Catching up on old times and what-have-beens with each other. And one gave a good news – he is getting married this September! =)

Day 68 : August 7, 2015 : Had the chance to view the Black Knight’s performance over Marina Barrage – cool sights of aero-acrobatics.

Day 69 : August 8, 2015 : It’s an anime marathon – Attack on Titans on cable TV.


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