It has been a truly busy week, as my company prepared for our quarter end. Yet how easy is it that in the midst of being busy, we forget to stay happy.

Day 56 : July 26, 2015 : My colleagues said, “Let’s buy some chocolate for our contractors”. It’s good to be appreciative and recognizing others’ contribution, especially after a long, hard work.

Day 57 : July 27, 2015 : Desserts at Swensen after dinner.

Day 58 : July 28, 2015 : As usual, had the time to go swimming during lunchtime. It was refreshing to get some exercises and fresh air outdoors.

Day 59 : July 29, 2015 : Had to work overtime tonight. However, my colleague graciously treated us for dinner.

Day 60 : July 30, 2015 : Borrowed a movie from Esplanade – Top Gun. Let’s see if I have time to watch it this coming weekend.

Day 61 : July 31, 2015 : The end of madness. Another quarter has successfully ended. A good time to rest and recharge.

Day 62 : August 1, 2015 : Went to a Careers Fair at MBS. As usual, there wasn’t much to see. However, there was one resume-writing workshop that sounds beneficial to me.


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