Courage is grace under pressure. – Ernest Hemingway


How do you handle pressure?

Psychology Today shares an interesting article on the type of people when facing pressure.

Pressure cooker : the one who would hold in the pressure, thinking he can do it. Hold. Hold. Hold. Hold. Hold. Boom. Explosion when he can no longer contain it. Sounds like a time bomb. Ticking. And with a very serious consequence.

Pressure reducer : the one who would reduce the stress to the level that he can manage. Judging whether the goals are realistic, and not stressed by unrealistic goals.

Pressure avoider : one who would do anything so that he doesn’t feel any pressure at all. This means giving up opportunities for growth and improvement.

Pressure performer : the minority who excels despite of pressure. One who understand his capability and the realism of his goals. Detached from the end results, knowing he can be in peace when he has given his all (effort). Always confident in their capabilities.

Even though pressure performer works the best, we all know that we are not (or may not be) pressure performer. Understanding our styles in handling pressures and stress is key in knowing what would be our reaction when the situation arises.

Knowing our styles allows us to plan on how to respond, instead to react to situations.

Knowing our styles let us live in peace with ourselves, with our families, with our colleagues.

What is your style in facing pressure? What can you do with this knowledge?





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