100 HAPPY DAYS R3 – WEEKS 7 & 8

Everyday may not be happy days, but we can find something to be happy for in each and every day.


Day 42 : July 12, 2015 : Joined a meetup gathering and went hiking – from Green Corridor to McRitchie and back. A total of 33KM hiking in the dark. It was such a surreal experience.

Day 43 : July 13, 2015 : Afternoon nap has never been so wonderful. And, it was nice to be sleeping soundly at night after a tiring Sunday.

Day 44 : July 14, 2015 : Meeting up an old friend for dinner. Somewhere near Clarke Quay. As expected, the crowd is swelling up. But we are lucky to manage to find seats in the popular eatery place.

Day 45 : July 15, 2015 : Colleague’s birthday today. And what does it mean? Birthday cake! Haha.

Day 46 : July 16, 2015 : It was a complicated project that I am working on at work. But the good thing about it? My colleagues have been very supportive and go all the way out to help me.

Day 47 : July 17, 2015 :It’s Hari Raya Puasa. And, it is also the National Achiever’s Congress! Glad to be back at this seminar!

Day 48 : July 18, 2015 : Had dinner at Poulet. Nice food.

Day 49 : July 19, 2015 : Went for a friend’s wedding lunch at Orchard. Glad and happy for this friend for embarking on the next phase of life.

Day 50 : July 20, 2015 : Watched Ant-Man. Interesting movie. Very funny.

Day 51 : July 21, 2015 :  Went for a swim at OCBC Arena. The training pool was a very large one – intimidating. It was one experience hard to forget.

Day 52 : July 22, 2015 : Had desserts with friend at Tsujiri. Watching people walking past while talking about the good old times.

Day 53 : July 23, 2015 :In recognition of the good work done over the past quarter, boss decided to treat us lunch. Yummy!

Day 54 : July 24, 2015 : Went to Kinokuniya to buy some books. Gonna be a good quiet weekend to read them.

Day 55 : July 25, 2015 : My friend graciously bought a ticket to Alive Museum for me – free admission to  a world of wonder. Illusions are as real as the real thing.




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