Happiness is a state in mind – you think yourself happy. Happiness comes from within, not from without.

Day 35 : July 5, 2015 : Aftermath of a 10km race – sleeping all day long.

Day 36 : July 6, 2015 : Went to library to borrow some books.

Day 37 : July 7, 2015 : Joining my colleagues for a swim during lunchtime. It has been weeks since I last joined them. Getting rusty in the techniques but with a little practice, it should work fine.

Day 38 : July 8, 2015 : Received wedding lunch invitation from a friend. Felt happy for friend.

Day 39 : July 9, 2015 : Free Gelare waffle, courtesy of my insurance agent 😀

Day 40 : July 10, 2015 : Friend brought me to eat prata for late dinner at a neighbor stall. Reasonable price for a delicious meal.

Day 41 : July 11, 2015 : Maker Faire in Tampines and Cosfest at Downtown East, Pasir Ris. It sure is one eventful and tiring day, learning arts and crafts at one, and enjoying performances and cosplays at another.

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