Adopting the right attitude can convert a negative stress into a positive one. – Hans Selye

I felt so refreshed.

After a 20 minutes power nap.

Studies after studies have shown the benefits of taking a short nap during noon.

You would be more alert for the remaining of the days.

I used to take nap during lunch time.

But lately,  I didn’t. For work was so stressful.  Work was so stressful that I lost my temper countless of time.

Plenty of work needing immediate attention. And my work performance suffered.

And today, I had a quick lunch.

Instead of rushing back to work, I went for a nap. Waking up refreshed, I realized my stress level went down.

I was more alert, reducing careless mistakes in my paperwork along the way.

I was able to concentrate better.

I was able to speed up on my work.

I was able to keep my emotion in check.

Benefits of nap at noon are tremendous. Do you take nap at noon? Try it out once and see if it helps you.


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