It is a movies week! It’s a food week! It’s a gaming week! It’s a running week! It really depends on how you see it.

Day 28 : June 28, 2015 : Another quiet week with books.

Day 29 : June 29, 2015 : Minions! Watching minions with a friend after work. What better way than that to beat Monday Blues? 😀

Day 30 : June 30, 2015 : It’s the end of June. And to celebrate – lunching out with colleagues.

Day 31 : July 1, 2015 : Borrowed a few more movies from the library in Esplanade.

Day 32 : July 2, 2015 : Had a hot and spicy thai food near office. Had been talking about eating at this place for months. And finally we are here. Not bad. The food tastes good.

Day 33 : July 3, 2015 : A new achievement in the game I played. Finally levelled up a character in my team. A quest that took me two months to complete. A sense of accomplishment.

Day 34 : July 4, 2015 : It’s Sundown marathon tonight! Though I’m just going for 10KM this time round. Yet, it is fun joining a race with friends.

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