God will never give you anything you can’t handle, so don’t stress. – Kelly Clarkson

It was just another day at work.

Paperwork was piling up. And I was pinned down by the stress.

Working in the same project, my colleague seemed to be breezing through.

And I asked him, “How do you cope with stress?

He said, “Me? I go for a run. I run as hard as I can. I feel tired at the end of the run, run till the extent of exhaustion. Until I can’t think of the things that cause me stressed.

He said every person’s method of managing stress is different. For him, exercising is the best antidote for him. No surprise there – always see him posting his running log at Facebook.

Just like meditation, he said, the objective is to focus on the things other than the things that cause stress.

Being mindless. Or rather being mindfulness on other things.

Things like your breathing.

Or the good stuff that you have.

Or things that you are grateful of. Regardless how small or mundane it may seem.

What is your stress-coping mechanism? What would help in focusing your mind to things that really matter? To remove your mind from toxic thoughts?



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