Another eventful week this week. Mainly fun, that’s why we need a journal to jot down the happy things in life. To reflect on it in the future, to see what a good life we actually have.

Day 21 : June 21, 2015 : As usual, Sunday is a quiet time to rest and relax.

Day 22 : June 22, 2015 : Went to Kinokuniya to browse on the books. There are a lot of books but they don’t seem to connect with me. And then there is this one book that jumps out at me. Okay then, that shall be the book I read this coming Sunday.

Day 23 : June 23, 2015 : Had a slow night walk, clearing my mind and enjoying the night breeze. Happiness is about being grateful and contended on those little things in life.

Day 24 : June 24, 2015 : There’s a Gundam exhibition at Takashimaya. They are gigantic.

Day 25 : June 25, 2015 : Attended Beerfest with my friend. Had fun drinking and listening to the music. And the best part? No hang over for the next day – work as usual. It’s a matter of enjoying the experience, not drinking to drunk.

Day 26 : June 26, 2015 : Sundown race pack collection at Suntec. This year’s queue seems shorter, which is good for me. There are plenty of interesting merchandise, like glow in the dark shirt. Sounds like party to me.

Day 27 : June 27, 2015 : Had to go back to work today. Even so, while having lunch with a colleague, it was fun listening to his recent holiday trip to Bangkok. It’s gonna be on my to-go list some time next year.

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