100 HAPPY DAYS R3 – WEEKS 2 & 3

Busy weeks at work as usual. However, busyness is not an excuse of not living a happy life.

Day 7 : June 7, 2015 : Another quiet Sunday to do some reading.

Day 8 : June 8, 2015 : Had dinner with a friend while getting his advice on a problem I am facing. It is always good to listen to another points of view, not to be blinded by our own perception.

Day 9 : June 9, 2015 : Went for a slow swim at the swimming pool at company’s clubhouse. Swimming is increasingly more therapeutic to me.

Day 10 : June 10, 2015 : A friend suggested to go Beerfest and he would be buying the tickets. Cool. It has been a long time since I went for Beerfest.

Day 11 : June 11, 2015 : A couple of friends from Malaysia came visiting Singapore.Among the few places we visited was the River Safari.

Day 12 : June 12, 2015 : Went up to KL for a short weekend holiday. Time to wind down before the busy week ahead. The calm before the storm.

Day 13 : June 13, 2015 : Met up with some friends who are in KL, catching up on old times. It has been months since we last met.

Day 14 : June 14, 2015 : Took the long bumpy ride back to Singapore on KTM train. Nice view, if one could see from it.

Day 15 : June 15, 2015 : Counterparts from USA came to our office for a new project. Finally get to meet them, since their last visit here two years ago.

Day 16 : June 16, 2015 : Borrowed a few photography books, learning on posing technique. As my friend has asked me to help him take pre-wedding photography.

Day 17 : June 17, 2015 : Had lunch at Aston with our fellow visitors.

Day 18 : June 18, 2015 : Had lunch with our visitors at Ichiban Ramen. While they are here, it seems the activity is mainly targetted at working and eating.

Day 19 : June 19, 2015 : Borrowed some movies from the library and started watching.

Day 20 : June 20, 2015 : Attended Chara Expo at Expo. So many cosplayers there, both old and young. Plenty of figurines on display and on sales.


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