100 Happy Days R3 – Week 1

It has been a hiatus of a few weeks. As I stopped writing, things just didn’t seem right. Days aren’t as happy as I had earlier thought. Hence, back to square one.

Day 1 : June 1, 2015 : Happy Vesak Day! Although I felt restless, I am still happy that my friends are having an extra day off. Though I am restless, at least I did have time to do my own readings.

Day 2 : June 2, 2015 : Had dinner with an old friend. It’s all day Korean. Korean dinner and Korean desserts. LOL. Catching up with one another’s life.  It’s good to have a sense of purpose in life, even if it means making some sacrifices, giving up on some other things.

Day 3 : June 3, 2015 : Went for a swim and finally met my swimming coach. He is happily teaching a new class of beginners. Just like how he taught me, he is still as dedicated and patient in teaching the students on the correct swimming techniques.

Day 4 : June 4, 2015 : It has been a tiring week. Being my colleague’s back up and handling escalation. Now I know how much tougher is her job. Anyway, a good job done deserves a good night rest. It has been very long time since I slept at 8pm.

Day 5 : June 5, 2015 : Purposely went back earlier to catch a webinar. Although it wasn’t as interesting, at least I managed to catch it on time. Considering that I had missed out a lot of those midnight webinars.

Day 6 : June 6, 2015 : It’s Saturday! Time to get a good book to read at Kinokuniya. What’s your favorite book store?



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