100 HAPPY DAYS R2 – WEEKS 14,15 & Review

Finally, reaching the finale for R2 of this 100 Happy Days!


Day 91 : Apr 19, 2015 : A quiet Sunday to sit back, relax and have a good reading.

Day 92 : Apr 20, 2015 : Seems like my office has just gotten some face-lift. There’s new coatings of paint on the wall. Look so vibrant, look so bright. Excited to go to work.

Day 93 : Apr 21, 2015 : Went to do some shopping at Daiso. Needless to say, bought a lot of things at $2 each.

Day 94 : Apr 22, 2015 : Went for a swim at the company’s swimming pool. Surprise, surprise. We met a colleague who has changed office. What a surprise to meet up there.

Day 95 : Apr 23, 2015 : Borrowed some books on drawings. Have an interest lately in creating cartoon.

Day 96 : Apr 24, 2015 : Went to Vivo for lunch and saw The Avenger’s booth at the lobby. Who can resist for a selfie with the Hulk? Though some prefers Captain America or the Iron Man.

Day 97 : Apr 25, 2015 : Saw an advertisement on National Achievers Congress 2015. Didn’t take much time for me to sign up for the event.

Day 98 : Apr 26, 2015 : Went to a car show organized by SPH, called The Car @ Expo. Since I was at the east side, I went to look for an old friend for dinner, catching up on old times.

Day 99 : Apr 27, 2015 : Had dinner with a friend, catching up on the old times. While telling him to join the NAC with me as well. Haha.

Day 100 : Apr 28, 2015 : Went for a swim during lunchtime. It was a good exercise, making full use of the 30 minutes there. Had mixed rice and prata for lunch afterwards, and I still felt hungry. Guess exercises really burn off a lot of calories.

It’s time for a review. Just like everything that we have done, there’s always things to learn from. And things to improve upon.

As usual, happiness comes from the small bits. Littlest day-to-day actions.

Like having your favorite meal.

Listening to your favorite songs.

Reading a good book.

Happiness is social. No man is an island.

Meeting up with your friends.

Catching up in the old days.

Happiness is about achievement.

Successfully swim for 30 minutes.

Successfully getting your work done.

Successfully persuade your colleagues to lead a healthier lifestyle.

Just like everything else, forming a habit is tough. If you would realize it, I had stopped writing in this 100 Happy Days series for a couple of weeks.

I had all the excuses to stop it indefinitely. I could, but would I?

I know the power of 100 Happy Days.

I know it makes a difference in my life.

I know I am happier now – although I still have to consciously find it.

Every day is not a happy day, but you can find happiness in each day.

You just need to tune your focus and put in some efforts in searching for it.

Will there be a round 3? We’ll see =)




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