100 days of happiness should be made as a habit, plenty of advantages, none the disadvantages. Do you agree?

Day 77 : Apr 5, 2015 : Went for a second round at the book fair, sweeping other books and also a powerbank for my phone at a nearby electronics fair.

Day 78 : Apr 6, 2015 : My colleague’s project was selected as one of the showcase projects for a main event in May. Things looking good for our department. We can rest assured when he is leading the project.

Day 79 : Apr 7, 2015 : An evening well spent, watching Deja Vu – a movie borrowed from the library. What would you do if you could change the past?

Day 80 : Apr 8, 2015 : Finally completed one long postponed project, one that is infested with lots of bugs and delays. Glad to have it completed. It’s a cause for celebration.

Day 81 : Apr 9, 2015 :  Had an extra large bowl of noodle for dinner. The restaurant has this option to add extra noodle for no extra cost. I opted for a 3x noodles, which translate to about 300g or so of noodle. It is suffice to say that I ended the day very full, very full indeed.

Day 82 : Apr 10, 2015 : Gathering with colleagues and ex-colleagues, catching up with each other over dinner. It has been ages since we last met, plenty of things to catch up.

Day 83 : Apr 11, 2015 : Went for a lead up run, organized by the sundown marathon folks. Plenty of fun, plenty of things to learn.



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