Monday blues

A smile is a curve that sets everything straight. – Phyllis Diller


It was supposedly Monday blues. It has every reasons to be. Every excuses to be one.

It was a long weekend. Translation : extra emails to clear.

I was behind schedule for a work I am doing. Everyone is chasing me for updates.

There are deliverable for projects that I had yet to present. Projects, projects, projects. Arrgghh, when would it ever end?

There is an urgent meeting for an unexpected problems surfacing last week. Out of the blue. What? Where did that come from?

It was a recipe for disaster.

And I was thinking, could there be another way? Could there be a better way?

And this is what I did.

I woke up earlier – at 5:30am. I usually woke up 6ish, lazed around.

I did a short workout. A simple exercise of just flinging my arms around. Just to get blood properly circulated around my body.

I greeted the morning with a smile. Or rather, I greeted people with a smile.

A bigger smile than usual.

And the other thing is, I totally ignored my laptop. Yes, my “precious” laptop. Instead of turning on my laptop, I went straight to the factory to get the things rolling, at my own pace.

Then after, I had a simple breakfast, at my own pace.

Then, and only then, would I turn on my laptop and start clearing my emails – one by one, at my own pace.

Looking back, it wasn’t a blue Monday.

The problems were still there. My late deliverables. The last-minute meeting. My overdue work.

And yet, it doesn’t look so stressful.

All because I did something differently.

I started the day energetic. Exercise perked me up.

I started the day happily. Smiling to others and seeing their smiles work wonder.

I slowed down. I didn’t turn on my laptop and start rushing through my emails.

In a way, Monday looks palatable.

Did you have a Monday blues yesterday? Have you ever thought that you could change it for the better?




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