There has been a very long absence since I last posted on this 100 Happy Days. I could have thought of plenty of reasons. But then, no excuses, let’s resume.

Day 71 : Mar 30, 2015 : Successfully completed my work (our work) that is due today. Felt proud of my team for pulling off this remarkable work although there is pressure everywhere and piles of work to do. Glad to realize that I can always rely on my team.

Day 72 : Mar 31, 2015 : Dinner with an ex-colleague. As he shares his action plans for the next one and half year, it makes me think – what’s my plan? Anyway, happy for him to have a motive/goal in life.

Day 73 : Apr 1, 2015 : Swimming during lunch time. It has been a long time since I stopped for swimming. Resuming it takes a lot of getting used to. But am happy for the whatever little progress I had today.

Day 74 : Apr 2, 2015 : Went to Henderson food court for lunch. Had a very spicy curry chicken, accompanied by iced tea and mango milk ice.

Day 75 : Apr 3, 2015 : It’s Good Friday! It’s a holiday for me. And how did I spend it? I bought books. Lots of books. There’s a book fair happening this weekend at Expo. Though mainly the books are on autobiography of politicians.

Day 76 : Apr 4, 2015 : It is going to be a quiet time to read through all the books bought.


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