Holiday mood, haha. What else to expect when it is Chinese New Year?

Day 65 : Feb 15, 2015 : As usual, Sunday is the time to rest and recharge. A quiet time for a book.

Day 65 : Feb 16, 2015 : My friend posted a very old photo of us – back in our primary school. How long was it? 20 over years? Haha. It was fun looking back at all the silly things we did when we were younger, much more innocent.

Day 66 : Feb 17, 2015 : Heard from a friend that she is enjoying her holiday in Melbourne now. Anticipating my very own trip to Australia soon.

Day 67 : Feb 18, 2015 : Working half day today. Sending my cousin off to her hometown. Glad to know that she has a safe trip.

Day 68 : Feb 19, 2015 : Happy Chinese New Year!

Day 69 : Feb 20, 2015 : Went to The Float @ Marina Bay for the River Hongbao. As usual, the organizers gave their all in making it grand. Looking up at my zodiac, it is going to be a great year – if I put in the effort.

Day 70 : Feb 21, 2015 : Watched my very first paid concert in Esplanade. The experience was surreal. And of course, the singer-songwriter Ling Kai is mesmerizing, captivating us the audience with her originals.

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