A few more days to Chinese New Year. It’s getting more exciting as the days go by.

Day 58 : Feb 8, 2015 : The CNY mood is really in the air. Most of the shopping malls start blasting CNY songs. For me, it’s time for shopping! And my choice of clothings? G2000, of course.

Day 59 : Feb 9, 2015 : Saw a rather cute display picture on a formal email communication. A picture of Hello Kitty! Haha, I don’t know about you, but that certainly makes my day. And in my mind, it goes like this, “Hello Kitty request for your full attention on this email, immediately – it is urgent.” LOL.

Day 60 : Feb 10, 2015 : What started as a sore throat, blocked nose and phlegm in my throat has turned for something worse, I presumed. The doctor gave me two-days MC. Well, it means a well-deserved rest for me.

Day 61 : Feb 11, 2015 : Still resting, still recovering, still recuperating. I hadn’t been spending so much time on bed, for a very, very, very long time.

Day 62 : Feb 12, 2015 : Back to office and my colleagues have been very kind to accommodate me with some of the tasks. They are one bunch of good folks =)

Day 63 : Feb 13, 2015 : My company treated us for a lunch at Orchard Gateway, followed by a movie screening “The Kingsman”. Manners maketh man, how apt.

Day 64 : Feb 14, 2015 : Happy Valentine’s Day, to one and all!


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