Standard Chartered Wristband

If you fall behind, run faster. Never give up, never surrender and rise up against the odds. – Jesse Jackson

There’s one thing that I still kept from last year’s Standard Chartered Marathon. Besides the running tee and the finisher tee. And the finisher medal.

7:30:54. It was engraved on my yellow wristband.


I wear it daily. That small, yellow wristband.

On my left hand.

A reminder of the timing I took to complete my full marathon.

It wasn’t my personal best (my best timing was slightly over 7 hours).

It wasn’t my goal for the run (my goal was 6 hours).

It wasn’t something that I am proud of. It was a reminder.

Just like a scar. It was a reminder.

A reminder of I should have done better preparation – to practise more.

A reminder of I could have run faster. And not to walk more.

A reminder of I should push one more step forward. And not to hide under the tree.

A reminder of I should focus my energy on running. And not complaining of the weather.

A reminder of I didn’t give my all to it. I didn’t push harder.

My friends keep telling me, “You’ve done well. You’ve completed the race. That’s what matters.”

Yes, they are right. I would agree with them. Agree with them, if only.

If only I knew I had given my very best.

Did you carry with you an artifact of the past?

A reminder of what you could have done well?

But remember, it is a reminder of the past so that you know that you could have done better in the future.

And not a tool to torment your soul in the future.

Accept it and embrace it. And move on.

Let go and move on.  Be empowered to create a brighter tomorrow.




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