The G2000 CNY Lucky Color

Humility and knowledge in poor clothes excel pride and ignorance in costly attire. – William Penn

G2000 Facebook Page caught my eyes.  What’s your lucky color for the Year of the Goat?

It makes a good marketing strategy, when everyone is looking at the most auspicious time to start work, auspicious activity to do, and the most auspicious direction to invite the God of Fortune.

The cloth maketh the man. 

There’s so much truth in it. Especially when you are making the first impression.

Be presentable.

You don’t necessarily wear expensive clothing, but it has to be neat, clean and fit to your body size.

It has to be suitable for the occasion that you are into.

It has to be something that you and the others are comfortable with.

Have you bought your CNY clothes yet?

And yes, my zodiac is Rat. Blue shall be my lucky color.



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