We’ve officially crossed over the half milestone of this round. So far, so good.

Day 51 : Feb 1, 2015 : Another lazy day to rest and recharge.

Day 52 : Feb 2, 2015 : While walking to ARC for lunch, a movie advertisement caught my eye. The Kingsman. Just then, a tree branch fell right in front of me. Lucky me, for if I had continued walking, it would fall on me. Guess it’s time to watch that movie 😀

Day 53 : Feb 3, 2015 : Swam at Safra again. Building up my stamina for the upcoming 2XU run in March.

Day 54 : Feb 4, 2015 : Attended friend’s wedding dinner at Pasir Ris. While waiting for it to start, what better way to kill time than to cycle at the scenic park?

Day 55 : Feb 5, 2015 : Dinner with friend at Poulet. New words that I learnt – “Poulet” means chicken, and “roti” means roasted.

Day 56 : Feb 6, 2015 : Went around collecting hong bao packet from the banks. These small envelopes, for my colleagues, are meant for practical reasons – to gift pocket money to the young ones. For me, another collection set. A decor perhaps.

Day 57 : Feb 7, 2015 : Attended Runners Convention at Suntec. Being inspired by the best of the best and getting practical tips on trail running.



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