Get Busy

If you spend too much time thinking about a thing, you’ll never get it done. – Bruce Lee

Isn’t it strange?

The same documentation gets done in a morning on Monday when the same can be done in 30 minutes on Friday evening.

The same installation can be done in two days on the beginning of the month when the same can be done in a day at the end of the month.

Time and again, we see the same phenomenon. Did we stop and ask why?

It’s about deadline. Our task will fill up according to the time allocated for the task, regardless of how reasonable or possible it is.

So, what is the hack/tips to getting things done faster, more meaningful and less stress?

Set an earlier deadline. If the work is due this Friday, set a stretch goal (as my boss would said it) this Thursday. If writing a blog post would normally take an hour, set 30 minutes instead. The perceived deadline put stress on your brain and make it more focused on the tasks.

Perceived deadlines work as well as the actual deadline.

We do things when they are a must, rarely when they are a should.

Stress is good when they are manageable. Stress is bad when they are overwhelming.

Take up more things. This has the same effect as an earlier deadline. It keeps the mind occupied. The brain will think, “So many things to do, have to keep working.” No time to waste.

You may say, “What? Extra work to do?!” More things do not necessarily mean more work. It could mean you schedule in some reading, some physical exercise, some discussion.

Just to keep your mind occupied.

To-do list. Get all your tasks written down in writing. There is some magic in writing down your goals. It makes you focus. This is an ingredient you cannot miss.

Without focus, you would just be drifting through time, aimless with where you are heading to. With a clear goal, you would direct your energy to getting things done.

With focus comes time management. Or rather, task management. Do you need to attend another meeting instead of finishing your installation? Do you need another 15 minute coffee break before finishing your documentation due later?

What would be your strategies to being more efficient today? Make everyday a Friday at work and get things rolling.




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