Counting down to the final week of January. Expected busyness at work as we gearing up to our first quarter end. In time of madness, it is essential to take time and reflect, “What am I happy for today?”

Day 44 : Jan 25, 2015 : A recent activity gaining popularity in my office – brewing tea for tea break. Aromatic tea for calming the inevitable stress of a quarter-end.

Day 45 : Jan 26, 2015 : The Chinese New Year (CNY) performances have started taking place. What this mean to me? Photography! Time to re-kindle my passion with my hobby once again.

Day 46 : Jan 27, 2015 : First time swimming at Safra@MtFaber. The marker clearly indicates the depth – 1.4m, 1.8m. And yet, fear gets in the way. Even with fear, I swam at the shallower side. I will do better next week.

Day 47 : Jan 28, 2015 : As I went through the photos for the CNY, I was horrified with such a bad quality. What does this mean to me? Another round of photography. It is always a good excuse (or reason) to enjoy your hobby.

Day 48 : Jan 29, 2015 : I went again to watch the CNY performance. This time round, as an audience, not a photographer. There is something different. The act is the same, but the purpose of watching it different. Hence, a different experience.

Day 49 : Jan 30, 2015 : As usual, there is a monthly recognition lunch/tea break for a job well-done for my company. This time round, our boss treats us for a plate of chicken rice for lunch. It is not the monetary value of the lunch that counts. It is the thoughts that count.

Day 50 : Jan 31, 2015 : Spent the evening watching Batman Begins. Yes, it is an old movie, but I didn’t really catch it in cinema. Watching the copy borrowed from library@Esplande.


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