Ideas a Reality?

The possibilities are numerous once we decide to act and not react. – George Bernard Shaw

A perfect idea. You have been thinking about it. You have been pondering, and tinkering, and changing. You think it just isn’t perfect. You think you need to wait for the perfect time. The perfect opportunity.

One month past. You still modify it.

On year past. You still think there is something lacking.

One decade past. You believe that (insert your own words here, plenty of things you want to say here, don’t you?).

At this junction of time, there are only two things that could have happened.

One, you resigned to fate and continue with your life, knowing that till the end of your life, your idea would never see the daylight.

Two, another person beats you to it, develop it, and make a fortune (and a name) out of it. And you beat (and kick) yourself silly for not taking the actions to implement it.

Analysis paralysis. Paralysis by analysis.  An imperfect idea executed is many, many times better than a  perfect idea not executed.

How do we resolve it? What ways to get our “perfect” idea to be implemented?

Perfect is an illusion. Knowing that there is no perfect idea. No perfect timing. No perfect opportunity. You will never get enough resources (time, money, energy, health) to do things you wanted to do.

Get started. having said that, just take the plunge. Ready, fire, aim. That should be a familiar quote to you. Fire first before you aim, and re-aim as you go along.

Progress, not destination. Perfection doesn’t exist, only progress does. What is perfect? When nothing can be improved upon. Find me a perfect item that can never be improved upon, and I shall rest my case here. Until then, there’s something we can work on. Start with what we have and work to improve upon it.

Make do. Make do with whatever resources we have. We may not have enough money – just do. We may not be old enough (or young enough) – just do. The economy is not doing well – just do. The market is not ready yet – just do. The weather is too cold – just do. When we make do with what we have, we gain experience. And with experience, we are well-prepared for the resources to come our way, if they do one day cross our path.

Fear. One stopping reason is fear. Fear of being seen foolish. Fear of bruising our ego if our perfect idea fails. Remove your identity from the idea. You are you, you are not your idea. If it fails, change your strategy or just start all over again.

Procrastination. I am guilty of this. There’s always a tomorrow. Life is too short to procrastinate. Act today, act now.

There is no perfect idea, just good enough idea, given the knowledge, experience, and resources that you have at that point of time.

What do yo consider as your perfect idea? What is stopping you from implementing it?




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