Another week to be grateful of. Even if there isn’t much to be happy on, be grateful that we are all still alive and kicking, in this world.

Day 37 : Jan 18, 2015 : Watched “The Theory of Everything” with  a friend. Surprised and mesmerized on the triumph and struggles that the young Hawkings and his then-wife faced throughout the whole episode.

Day 38 : Jan 19, 2015 : Happiness means – a plate of delicious chicken rice.

Day 39 : Jan 20, 2015 : Finally bought a fan for myself. I have been living without a proper fan for quite some time, and my room won’t be hot anymore. Wanted to buy one, but haven’t got a chance to really find a good bargain. LOL.

Day 40 : Jan 21, 2015 : My colleagues suggested Anchorpoint for lunch. And I suggested elsewhere. With a toss of a coin (and some consideration), I finally decided on having lunch at Ghim Moh, alone. It has been such a long time since I had lunch there, not before they move to a make-shift food centre due to renovation. Surprisingly, it was windy and cooling.

Day 41 : Jan 22, 2015 : Finally finished reading the Shawn Achor’s book – The Happiness Advantage. A book that I bought last week. It offers scientific research on happiness and success and methods on how to achieve them, all based on the 7 principles. Coincidentally, writing something grateful daily is similar to this 100 Happy Days project. Things you are happy are also things you are grateful, no? =)

Day 42 : Jan 23, 2015 : Art After Dark, in conjunction with the Singapore Art Week 2015, is held today at Gillman Barracks. Starting at 7pm, the place was jam packed with people (and cars). Plenty of arts to see and to ponder. And for me – plenty of photography experience =)

Day 43 : Jan 24, 2015 : Had a visit down the memory lane – more specifically NTU. Was pleasantly surprised with all the changes NTU is having right now. Constructions everywhere. New F&B (food and beverage) outlets to satisfy the students’ cravings. There’s even a vending machine selling scissors. LOL.


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