She said Hello

I’m always shy when I meet people I admire so I wouldn’t be able to say anything rather than, “How do you do? Love you! Bye!” – Jacki Weaver

There is this one pretty gal. Who always takes the same bus as me when I go to work.

I’ve wanted to get to know her, but I was shy.

Or rather, I was scared.

What if she said no?
What if she thought I was a freak?
What if she thought I was harassing her?
What if she said no?

What if..?

And then, there is also another thought flashed by.

What if – I missed out the chance if I never asked?

And I realized – I wasn’t shy.

I wasn’t scared for the right reason.

I was scared – for I fear my ego would be bruised.

How many a times would we be scared to pursue a thing that we wanted – all because of rejection. Of what it would do to our ego. Of what it may associate (or rather we thought it would) to our self esteem.

That we are too scared, ending up with the things we wanted to do were buried deep down, somewhere, with spiderweb, never to see daylight again?

Our self worth doesn’t depend on other people’s approval.

And luckily, she said replied,“Hello, nice to meet you.” Albeit a bit taken back from the sudden chit-chat, and yet she also showed the most beautiful smile ever.

The worst it may happen is she said, “No” and I would go on with my life – knowing I have tried.

The best thing that has yet to happen (when I took action) is that it may grow into a beautiful friendship.

As they said, strangers are friends yet to know.

What are the things that you are scared to do now? All because of ego? Think about it, keep it light-hearted and give it a try.




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