Keep Pushing

Responsibility for learning belongs to the student, regardless of age. – Robert Martin

Have you ever worked out in the gym? Especially weight lifting?

You would notice that in the beginning, you would get refined muscles for a certain weight. With the same weight over time, you would not get the same results. Worse, your muscles would decline.

Why is this happening? It is still the same weights that you are doing.

It is a condition called as plateau. It seems like there is no progress despite the same efforts put in.

That’s why, the coaches suggest changing of the rhythm, the tempo, and the weight. To stretch your muscles, and in maintaining it or developing it further.

In life, just like in weight lifting, we would face plateau in any endeavor that we pursue. We may feel bored. We may feel restless. Especially if it has become a routine. A mundane routine, that is.

The only way out is to grow out of the comfort zone. Continuously challenge yourself. Aim higher, hit harder. Challenge brings progress. Challenge your assumptions. Question your beliefs, especially on your limitations.

If we don’t progress, we digress. We won’t be staying stagnant. It would be worse if others took the opportunity and continued progressing, leaving us behind in dust.

Keep on pushing and never give up.

Mid life crisis. Mid career crisis. Unfulfilled relationship.

You heard about it. Think about it. Why? Due to boredom. Due to lack of enthusiasm.

It’s all about plateau.

Change the paradigm. Life is meant to excel. Grow beyond your wildest dream.

What area in your life that you are feeling stagnant at this very moment? What ways can you think about in changing it? How would you challenge it?

Plateau is not the end of the world. Instead, it is a timely reminder that you can aim higher. It shows you the lack in that particular area, things to look into, to question – how could you do better?


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