One month into the second round and things still looking good. As long as you are grateful and contended on the small, little things, everything (and anything) will look good.

Day 30 : Jan 11, 2015 : Meeting up with a friend to discuss on blogging. We both share the same ideal – to share and promote what we believe in, in the blogging platform, though his is in technology.

Day 31 : Jan 12, 2015 : Another wedding invitation received. 2015 is going the be the year of weddings – at least among my circle of friends.

Day 32 : Jan 13, 2015 : Finally mustered my courage to get to know someone whom I always met on bus. Luckily, she responded in kind. Else, I would have prepared for rejection too.

Day 33 : Jan 14, 2015 : Went to Esplanade to photograph the free performance at the Esplanade, an activity I picked up once again after a long hiatus. Photography kept me sane. It’s tiring, especially after a long day at work, but hobbies keep us focused on what we like and remove all the clutters from our mind.

Day 34 : Jan 15, 2015 : Went for a 4km jog during lunchtime.

Day 35 : Jan 16, 2015 : Bought a book at Kinokuniya after work – Shawn Achor‘s The Happiness Advantage. I have a new goal for 2015. And that is, to buy a book every single week. Is it sustainable? LOL.

Day 36 : Jan 17, 2015 : Singapore Motorshow 2015 at Suntec. It was a good photography practise on taking the latest model of cars. And as well as the models. Ended the day with a movie with friends. Liam Neeson still looking strong.


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