Group IQ

It takes a lot of people to make a winning team. Everybody’s contribution is important. – Gary David Goldberg

Daniel Goleman discussed briefly on Group IQ. Which I found rather funny, after I read some gossips on some interactions within a Whatsapp group. Yes, the time could be spent wisely elsewhere, but a little gossip won’t hurt, right?

Anyway, he mentions about the group IQ as being the sum of the talents.

The predictor is based not on the potential talents, but rather on the harmony relationship between the members.

It brings to mind a word very popularly used – synergy.

With synergy, you get more when you combine two or more heads together. One plus one is more than two.

In reality, with account to efficiency, one plus one could bring to a total of less than two. Considering the loss in the interactions – the bickering, the logistics, the differing ideas – how could we aim for a total of more than two? Or worse, how could we prevent an outcome that is negative, less than zero?

How could we harness the power of synergy?

The end goal. We must first and foremost, put the group’s total benefits ahead of our individual selfish gains. Widely seen in corporate world, a company’s benefits is usually put at the back burner, when each differing sections focus in maximizing their own P&L (profit and loss).

All ideas are good. Synergy is build upon ideas that we do not think on our own. We build upon each other’s. We further improve and improvise. Look on the bright side.

Encourage interactions. Simply respect each other’s point of view, what’s so tough to implement it? Empathize on your team member’s point of view. A voiced “half-baked” idea is always better than a silent “perfect” idea, for we can always improve upon the so-called “half-baked” ideas.

Continuous improvements. Just like kaizen,the ideas can be improved upon – day by day, little by little. Remember, the ideas are a means to achieve the goals that our team/group has set, not an end by itself.

Together, we can achieve higher IQ. How can you improve on your group IQ? What’s the principle that you use?



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