It seems like a very long time since I last posted an update for the 100 Happy Days challenge. Indeed, it was.  Let’s say there is a happy reason for it.

Day 16 : Dec 28, 2014 : Did some year end shopping at Vivocity. Just realised that my wardrobe doesn’t have many presentable clothings. Well, it is an excuse to go out and shop, shop, shop.

Day 17 : Dec 29, 2014 : Although it is Monday, holiday mood still lingers. The company has been treating me well – no expectation of being rushed. Having said that, my colleagues and I still fulfill our work commitment – no slacking there.

Day 18 : Dec 30, 2014 : My boss and I had a meeting – setting goals for the year 2015. Laying out new responsibilities and commitments, it is time to take up more challenges to prove my worth. Happy that the goals set are of mutual benefits to the company, to my  boss, and equally as important, to me.

Day 19 : Dec 31, 2014 : It’s the last day of the year. As the people preparing for countdowns, everywhere in Singapore has its own countdown celebrations.

Day 20 : Jan 1, 2015 : Happy New Year! A wish to you, all the way from Ipoh, Malaysia. Spending my holiday here, because of my friend’s wedding tomorrow. It is a small town. The pace is slow, suitable for those who are tired of the face pace of city life.

Day 21 : Jan 2, 2015 : A day memorable to a couple of my friends. It’s their wedding day today! Yippee! It’s a lunch buffet at a hotel. And all I see is – big lobsters! Haha!

Day 22 : Jan 3, 2015 : Spending the time hunting for food. Do you know that Ipoh is famous for a lot of local cuisine? To know and to eat it, personally, are two different things altogether.

Day 23 : Jan 4, 2015 : It is a quiet time to re-read Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich. Trying to understand and grasp the secret to success. Away from all technology (no wifi), reading books the old fashioned way is a strange experience.

Day 24 : Jan 5, 2015 : First day at work for 2015! Brand new day, brand new commitment.

Day 25 : Jan 6, 2015 : First jog of the year! Though it was considerably short, as compared to the runs I did in the past year, it is still a good start. To more runs/jogs in the future.

Day 26 : Jan 7, 2015 : Wanted to try the new Thai cuisine for lunch, only to find it closed on Wednesdays. Well, my colleagues and I changed our lunch plans to have the famed prawn noodle instead. Finally, after six years of working here, I finally have a chance to eat it. It usually sold out by the time we headed there for lunch. So, lucky me 😀

Day 27 : Jan 8, 2015 : Had a dinner with an ex-colleague. Supposedly to meet next week, but let’s say he would be busy with work then. Our topics revolved around photography once again – our common hobby.

Day 28 : Jan 9, 2015 : All fired up, I went to Esplanade for photo-taking. Although the end results isn’t satisfactory, I have taken the first step to rekindle my passion in it. With more practice, it will only be better.

Day 29 : Jan 10, 2015 : First swimming exercise of the year. It took quite a long time to get used to the water. Spent a considerable amount of time at the training pool before taking the plunge into the deep pool. Well, at least I am confident of swimming a few rounds there.


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