Persistence and Stubbornness

Energy and persistence conquer all things. – Benjamin Franklin

Had a gathering with friends over a new year party when they brought up this topic. Persistence.

If you are visionary, persistence is good. You would not accept no for an answer. You would work your ass off to get to your goals.

People like Steve Jobs, who would be proven right at the end of the day. For coming up with visionary products, way ahead of time, before consumers would even embrace it and subsequently fall in love with all the i-variants – the iPod, iPhone, iPad.

On the other end, if you are persistent for the wrong reason, you are just plain stubborn. These are the people who are not driven by passion. Instead, they are driven by ego – obsessively staunch to their own opinions, closed-mindedness.

It is just a small, tiny thread of string separating persistence and stubbornness.

How would we know if we are persisting for the right course or being stubborn?

It all lies in our intention. Yes, intention.

If the intention is to serve the greater good of the world, yes, we should persist.

If the intention is to tell the world that we are right, regardless of what, then we are stubborn.

What are the goals that you should be persisting at this very moment? And what goals should you drop, because you are overly driven by ego?




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