As we approach the Christmas week, the holiday mood fills the air.

Day 9 : Dec 21, 2014 : Sunday is best spent on reading books.

Day 10 : Dec 22, 2014 : Getting all geared up for Christmas. A few colleagues and I went on shopping spree for our contractors, those who toil and work around the clock for us. Just a little gesture and appreciation for the work they have done for us throughout the year.

Day 11 : Dec 23, 2014 : Actively reading and taking notes on Tony Robbin’s Awaken the Giant Within. It has been such a long time since I last take reading seriously as this. Expecting progress in days to come.

Day 12 : Dec 24, 2014 : Took the day off for a gathering. Our friend has just given birth to a baby gal and the few of us decided to visit them. Got to meet our friends who are currently working in Japan too. Christmas is the season where we all meet our long lost friends.

Day 13 : Dec 25, 2014 : Merry Christmas!!

Day 14 : Dec 26, 2014 : Had a gathering at friends’ place on this Boxing Day. Surprise, surprise. A friend currently studying in USA drops by for the party too. Lots of food, ice cream and alcohol.

Day 15 : Dec 27, 2014 : My friend’s wedding today. Getting all prepared now to attend the wedding dinner tonight.

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