100 HAPPY DAYS – WEEK 14 & Review

Finally, reaching the final week (the last three days). Let’s see how I fare.

Day 98 : Dec 7, 2014 : Participated in the Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore 2014. You may have read it here. Although I am not happy with the timing, I am happy to have completed it.

Day 99 : Dec 8, 2014 : Collected two of the McDonald’s one piece figurine. Although I have the chance to collect the “limited” edition of the Thousand Sunny Ship, I remain firm of not collecting it.

Day 100 : Dec 9, 2014 : Finally, I collected the last piece of the McDonald’s figurine – Usopp. The collection is complete.

Now that I have completed the 100 Happy Days challenge, what are the things I have learned?

Although every day may not be a happy day, we can find something to be happy about in each and every day.

Happiness does not necessarily come from big, major things. It comes from simple things – the food, the companionship, the experience.

We can be happier, more easily, if we are grateful and to enjoy life in the small stuff.

Happiness comes from achievement – of doing the things we are proud of completing. Achievement can be as simple as making someone smile, or as major as completing a marathon. No achievement is too small, if it would make a difference in someone.

I seem to be more consistent, more disciplined to write this 100 Happy Days than on writing my other blog posts. Perhaps it is time to introduce structure into my life to create more meaningful posts – for me and for you.

We can finish strong, if we put our minds to it. There are times I lack the discipline to do this 100 Happy Days challenge consistently, but I am grateful of the support given to complete it.

Now that the challenge has finished, what’s next? As YES933 DJ Jiahui once said, “I see more pros than cons. U shd do it too, seriously” when a fan asked her for starting the cycle 2.

Well, I should do round 2 too =)


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