Well, well, well.. What do we have here? Just ten more days till the end of this little project. Let’s see what are the things that make me happy this week.

Day 91 : Nov 30, 2014 : Went for swimming. Drilling in what the coach has told us earlier on. Practice, practice, practice. I think I am getting good progress here.

Day 92 : Dec 1, 2014 : Collected two more One Piece figurines from McDonalds. Just three more to go to complete my collection.

Day 93 : Dec 2, 2014 : My company had a quarterly meeting. Usual snacks include dim sum and buns. This time round, there’s ice cream for everyone. LOL.

Day 94 : Dec 3, 2014 : Went to Vivocity for lunch with an ex-colleague. It was good catching up on the old times. My colleagues (both previous and current) are a bunch of friendly folks, something that I am truly grateful for.

Day 95 : Dec 4, 2014 : Received Brendon Burchard’s The Motivation Manifesto in my mailbox. It is going to a be great time reading it up.

Day 96 : Dec 5, 2014 : Borrowed two of Tony Robbins’ best books from the library – Awaken the Giant Within and Unlimited Power.

Day 97 : Dec 6, 2014 : This shall be a lazy day for me. Getting enough rest, eat more and read more. Tomorrow, will be my Standard Chartered Marathon race, wish me luck.


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