Adventure Makes You Smarter, Stronger and Attractive

The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page. – Saint Augustine

Tyler Tervooren shared his experiences in travelling. Just like most of other TED Talks, his is highly entertaining.

Smarter: Learning to think on your feet, to try out things that you would never would have done, and embrace the culture of others that you are not aware about.

Stronger: Once you have gone through the most embarrassing moments, there is basically nothing else you wouldn’t attempt. At the moment of time, yes, people would laugh at you. But afterwards, no people care about it, no people would even remember it. But remember,  you had seen the worst and it would give you the strength to do the work that’s important to you. Step out of the comfort zone.

Attractive: People look up to those with big dreams. People will notice, get interested and be a part of them. Big dreams will rally the people behind you to do the things that are meaningful.

What would be your take in travelling?




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