It is mainly a quiet, uneventful week. But would I be able to find something to be happy for?

Day 84 : Nov 23, 2014 : Another quiet Sunday, and I just borrowed a few more books from the library.

Day 85 : Nov 24, 2014 : There’s  a new colleague at my office. It’s fun to meet and get to know new people all around us.

Day 86 : Nov 25, 2014 : Collected the two toys from McDonald for this week’s collection.

Day 87 : Nov 26, 2014 : Took sick leave today. Slept most of the day. Am grateful for all the rest I can take since yesterday and today.

Day 88 : Nov 27, 2014 : Happy thanksgiving to all! It’s time to give thanks and be grateful to all that we have.

Day 89 : Nov 28, 2014 : Went to Sitex. The speed of technology is simply amazing. There’s always things that I didn’t realize exists.

Day 90 : Nov 29, 2014 : Spent the afternoon clearing up my work-space. De-cluttering is good for the mind and encourage more interaction with the colleagues, agree?


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