It has been quite a busy week, busy with editing the photos that I took for a school’s graduation ceremony.

Day 77 : Nov 16, 2014 :  A quiet Sunday spent on editing the photos for the school graduation. Looking back at the photos make me smile – the innocence of the children and the patience of the teachers. Each and every one of them having so much fun!

Day 78 : Nov 17, 2014 :  Ayam penyet for lunch. Just one word for it – delicious!

Day 79 : Nov 18, 2014 :  Had dinner with my colleague before attending a workshop on how to buy smartly through Taobao. Some tips are common sense, while some are rather interesting.

Day 80 : Nov 19, 2014 :  Went for a swim after a hectic day. Exercising is good in relieving the stress I had today.

Day 81 : Nov 20, 2014 :  Making good progress in editing the photos. Thousands of photos have been vetted through. I think it would be ready by weekend.

Day 82 : Nov 21, 2014 :  Didn’t realize that the borrowing limits at library has been doubled. It’s time to borrow even more books and movies.

Day 83 : Nov 22, 2014 :  Went for a swim at CCK Sports Complex, my very first time swimming there. It was just a normal swimming practice until the water turns rough. Didn’t realize that they have this hourly wave features – simulating the sea-wave. Interesting.


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