This week is easily the week that I will remember as the week where I bought books online. Education is, as they say, a life-long process.

Day 70 : Nov 9, 2014 : As usual, Sunday is best spent quietly with a good book and a cup of tea.

Day 71 : Nov 10, 2014 : Spent most of my free time reading Ziglar’s Born to Win Kindle version. It condenses all his teachings, from all his books to-date, into one simple, easy-to-read book.

Day 72 : Nov 11, 2014 : Took the day off to volunteer for a school’s Graduation  Day/Concert Day. It was always fun to see the teachers and the students. The teachers are a bunch of fantastic, friendly and patient people whom I have ever known.

Day 73 : Nov 12, 2014 : Bought Tony Robbin’s latest book Money: Master the Game. At first, I was hesitant to buy another financial book. However, his cause wins me over. All proceeds will go to 100 Million Meals Challenge. Each book contributes to 50 meals. And I thought, why not? And did I mention the book is free, and you just need to pay for its shipping and handling?

Day 74 : Nov 13, 2014 :  As part of the DarrenDaily community/subscriber, I have the privilege (fastpass) to buy his latest book The Entrepreneur Roller Coaster first, before it is open to public.

Day 75 : Nov 14, 2014 : Had dinner with an old friend at Orchard. It was fun catching up on the old time and each other’s progress. It was great to see her aspiring to achieving her dreams next year. I should do the same too.

Day 76 : Nov 15, 2014 : Most of the time is spent editing the photos taken on Tuesday. There are thousands of photos taken, and thus, it is going to be a very long time. Long and fulfilling time.



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