100 Happy Days – Weeks 9 & 10

Didn’t manage to post anything last week, Was caught up with the frenzy of my best friends’ wedding. It was a fun experience though =)


Day 56 : Oct 26, 2014 : A lazy Sunday is best spent on reading a good book with a cup of tea.

Day 57 : Oct 27, 2014 : Recently played a new game on my Android phone. It’s a simple game and yet I made quite a good progress, gaining new character (hero) that I had been aiming for.

Day 58 : Oct 28, 2014 : My friends treated me chocolate. Ecstatic!

Day 59 : Oct 29, 2014 : Went for a noon jog today. The weather is unpredictable. At least I managed to run 1 KM today.

Day 60 : Oct 30, 2014 : Meeting up with old friends and former teacher over a cup of coffee.It’s time to catch up and reminisce over the good old days.

Day 61 : Oct 31, 2014 : Reading and re-reading “The Millionaire Messenger” by Brendon Burchard. There’s something new each time I read it. As Bob Proctor once said, “Every time you read a book, you change something inside you, hence you see things differently.”

Day 62 : Nov 1, 2014 : Attended my friend’s wedding dinner for the bride side. Met a lot of wonderful people, gaining new friends.

Day 63 : Nov 2, 2014 : The wedding ceremony commenced at 8am. Although they claim the ceremony is simplified, there are plenty of works to be done. The parents woke up early in the morning and the groom goes through all the ceremony procedure. Even the games dished out by the bridesmaids are tiring. All in all, it is a fun experience, seeing my best friends getting married.

Day 64 : Nov 3, 2014 : Went to have sandwich for tea break at my company’s cafeteria. Bumped into a manager and he is interested with the food too (he is someone who seldom takes snack during tea break).

Day 65 : Nov 4, 2014 : Bought an out-dated National Geographic. A February 2013 edition. Always was, and is still impressed by their writings and photography.

Day 66 : Nov 5, 2014 : My friends told me they struck lottery, though it is a small prize. Not that I encourage gambling here, but they said they gonna treat me dinner.

Day 67 : Nov 6, 2014 : Tried out rendang chicken set from a stall that i have never tried before. Turned out the owner is very friendly. She is a frequent visitor to Malaysia, usually to Ipoh and Penang. And this weekend, she is visiting Pahang.

Day 68 : Nov 7, 2014 : Went for a swim despite the slight rain. Luckily, the thunder and lightning have stopped. Giving me more confidence to follow through my swimming lesson next week.

Day 69 : Nov 8, 2014 : It’s workshop day! More details later.



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