Frog in boiling water

Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything. – George Bernard Shaw

I have been learning the breast-stroke swimming style (a.k.a. the frog style) for some time now. And I am very interested in anything related to frogs.

There’s one story about frog as follows:

If you would to throw a frog in a boiling water, it would have jumped out in the very first instance.

If you were to place a frog in a cool water, it would not be doing anything.

As you gradually increase its temperature, it would feels the slight discomfort but will remain there.

When the temperature has been raised to a boiling point, it would be too late for the frog to do anything.

It’s a story shared by many.

It’s a story of being complacent and comfortable in our surrounding.

The changes may be subtle and we are oblivious to it.

Till it becomes a tipping point, and we are all caught off-guard.

What one thing that you feel like you are in the slow-boiling pot situation? What one action can you take today to anticipate the change?

Don’t be like the frog in the boiling pot. Take action today and carve your future!



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