100 Happy Days – Week 8

It has been a relatively busy week, with my company ramping up production to meet year end’s revenue.

Day 49 : Oct 19, 2014 : Sunday is always reserved to read books. Borrowed two books from the library. It would be a quiet afternoon, just for reading.

Day 50 : Oct 10, 2014 : Had lunch with colleagues at  Henderson. Their main purpose of having lunch there was to buy fish. Happy to see that they still maintain their hobby throughout the years that I have known them.

Day 51 : Oct 21, 2014 : Went for a quick swim at the company’s swimming pool. Making a somewhat progress. All I need to do now is to clock hours of swimming. With much practice, it would become second nature to me. And then, shall I think of swimming perfectly and with speed.

Day 52 : Oct 22, 2014 : Happy Deepavali (Diwali) to those who celebrate it, and happy holidays to the rest of us.

Day 53 : Oct 23, 2014 : I’ve sinned. It was such a sinful dinner. Oily and fatty western meal. And I have to face the music. 4KM jog around my neighborhood. It was my first night jog since months. Such a wonderful feeling to be able to jog again.

Day 54 : Oct 24, 2014 : Catch up with fellow graduates in an alumni gathering. An ex-lecturer was the guest of honor and humored us with insightful stories. Shall share with you in the coming post.

Day 55 : Oct 25, 2014 : It’s going to be a movie night. I’ve borrowed Facing the Giants from the library. There are also Hellboy, Hansel & Gretel, Resident Evil and Scream on Channel 5. Halloween comes early this year.


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