Job Interview

There’s only one interview technique that matters. Do your homework so you can listen to the answers and react to them and ask follow-ups. Do your homework, prepare. – Jim Lehrer

Had dinner with a friend just now. He just went for his interview and he was ecstatic about it. He was upbeat and confident of nailing the job.

Why is that so? He shares some tips with me.

Always be confident. Confidence is a state of mind. It also comes from practising the interviewing process many times.

Anticipate the questions asked and prepare the answers that would show you in a better light. It’s all about reframing the answers to the best of your ability.

Understand the company’s perspective and strength. And compare them to their competitors without bringing the competitor down. Always shine good light on the company.

Arrive at the interviewing office early so that you don’t face unnecessary stress (like traffic jam). It also gives you the opportunity to familiarize yourself with the environment.

Greet everyone there – including the receptionist and janitor. You never know whom you would be seeing on your way up (or down) the corporate ladder. They could even be the gatekeeper to your success.

After all the interviews are over, send a follow-up email. Thanking everyone for their time and consideration of you joining their team.

All those that he had pointed out are common sense. However, not all common sense are common practice.

It is usually the small things that separate the winners than the other candidates.

What are your tips in acing the interview?




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