100 Happy Days – Week 7

Entering Week 7 now. It has been quite a busy week – busy with work. But there is something good to be found each day, if we would just look hard enough.

Day 42 : Oct 12, 2014 : Should I be sad that I had to work on a Sunday? Or should I be happy to have free lunch? It’s all a matter of choice, and I knew what is it that I have chosen – free lunch!

Day 43 : Oct 13, 2014 : After an hour of swimming, I was very hungry. I was so hungry that whatever dinner that I was having at that time seemed to be exceptionally delicious.

Day 44 : Oct 14, 2014 : Influenced my colleague to play an Android game called Dot Arena. It was the first time he is attracted to the games I am playing.

Day 45 : Oct 15, 2014 : There’s a beverage tasting at my company. We were supposed to rank the drinks that we want at our pantry – matcha soy milk, fruit punch, espresso, etc. It was all good. I wonder if they would serve wine too. Just kidding.

Day 46 : Oct 16, 2014 : Undecided of what to eat at Alexandra Village Food Centre. Thus, I walked all the way to ABC Food Centre for my dinner. It didn’t disappoint me.

Day 47 : Oct 17, 2014 : Saw an elderly man giving up his priority seat in the bus to another elderly lady. The act of kindness is touching. This makes me wonder – what are the youngsters doing?

Day 48 : Oct 18, 2014 : Watching Quantum of Solace right now at Channel 5. It’s free, it’s legal, and it’s in HD. Haha.


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