100 Happy Days – Week 5 and Week 6

I wanted to post this weekly edition for Week 5 last week. Alas, I was overseas with no Internet connection. Guess it is going to a be long post this time round. Bear with me XD

Day 28 : Sept 28, 2014 : It’s a lazy day, just get a cuppa tea and a good book to read.

Day 29 : Sept 29, 2014 : The workload and the stress was beyond me. Before I broke down and cried, my colleagues offered a helping hand. It was this kind of situation that makes me think, there’s kindness all around us.

Day 30 : Sept 30, 2014 : Had a nice lunch at a nearby food centre. Lunch should be consumed slowly, without any stress. That’s the way to enjoy life.

Day 31 : Oct 1, 2014 : Clearing up my work, in anticipation of the upcoming holiday. Though the workload keeps piling up, all the way to 6pm, I think I am getting more things done. Perhaps this a phenomenon called the day before holiday – you are most productive the day before holiday. Haha.

Day 32 : Oct 2, 2014 : I am on a long break, starting today! Yippee. Nothing beats a long holiday.

Day 33 : Oct 3, 2014 : First thing to do is always to hunt for food. With low expectation, all food does appear as delicious. That is something I totally agreed – with no expectation, the food is always nicer than being a fussy critic and have a bad experience.

Day 34 : Oct 4, 2014 : Holiday is well spent knowing that my colleagues are able to cover my duties during this period. Receiving occasional messages from them saying, everything is under control and to enjoy your holiday, what else is needed?

Day 35 : Oct 5, 2014 : Read the newspaper to find that Singapore and Malaysia are doing great in the 2014 Asian Games at Incheon, South Korea.

Day 36 : Oct 6, 2014 : Met up with my old primary school friend. Had a simple chat over dinner and a cup of coffee. He is a successful consultant, and yet he finds bliss in simple life.

Day 37 : Oct 7, 2014 : Last day of holiday and I make good use of it. Meeting up with relatives and friends.

Day 38 : Oct 8, 2014 : Back to work. And I had to take a cab from Woodlands Checkpoint to my office. A fare of $30! Although it is a heart-pain for me, the ride was quite nice. The taxi driver humored me with lots of stories.

Day 39 : Oct 9, 2014 : My colleague introduced me to a valued-for-money western food stall at Bukit Merah Food Centre. It opens at noon sharp, and you can see the queue forming at noon. Haha. Food preparation is fast and the taste is good.

Day 40 : Oct 10, 2014 : Met up with my ex-colleagues. Chatted over work, family life, and Arduino. Yes, he is a nerd, but a rather successful nerd. Makes me tempted to play Arduino again.

Day 41 : Oct 11, 2014 : After a burnt-out Friday at work, sleeping for the whole day is the best!


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