Killer Timelapse with Joe Capra

After a storm, comes a calm. – Matthew Henry

It’s Friday evening. Wonderful, not-rainy Friday night.

Where everyone winds down and prepare to go clubbing, what am I doing? Stuck in the office waiting for the reports to be completed.

You must be pitying me, right? I pity myself too.

That is, or rather, that was – till I read a Ted blog on the timelapse by Joe Capra.

The time lapse captured my attention.


While we are busy making a living, the world continues to spin.

One year, two years. The activities continue.

While I am stressed out over here, the people continue to enjoy life.

The sun still rises in the east and sets in the west.

The stars and moon will still come out and play at night.

The night is buzzing with the cars and people.

Would the stress I am facing now really matters then?

Sometimes, we are too consumed with what we are facing right now, instead of focusing on the big picture.

The picture of love.

Of joy.

Of achievement.

Let’s strive for a better world. For both you and me.

What is the one thing you are stressed with right now? Watch the timelapse clip, and think, Would it still matter 1 year from now?

Have a wonderful weekend ahead!





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