September Challenge : No Cold Desserts

If you’ve heard this story before, don’t stop me, because I’d like to hear it again. – Groucho Marx

If you knew me personally, you would have known that I am addicted to cold desserts.

Every time after lunch or dinner, I would go for a round of ice kacang, chendol or even McDonald’s McFlurry.

Almost every single day.

Or every other day.

It has been become a very unhealthy lifestyle, and I suddenly have this thought in my head, Why don’t I go cold turkey for a month?

Well, I know I set myself up for failure. But there is a lesson to it.

For the 25 days (I started late), I had one McDonald Sakura Blackcurrant McFlurry, two ice kacang, one chendol, and one mango milk ice.

You may have thought – haha, you lost the challenge!

But to me, this is what I learnt.

Should I cry over the five times I failed the challenge? Or should I rejoice in successfully maintaining abstinence over 20 days?

Failure happens. All the time. To everyone. Should you give up? Or keep going?

Over 20 days of desserts-free days, and I felt the addiction isn’t that great after all.

And by the way, I did cheat a little. Instead of icy, cold desserts, I went for the hot ones – red bean soup. Haha.

But the thing here is this. Eating too much of cold desserts isn’t good for your health. I knew it, but I always felt powerless to change.

But now I know. What you put your mind to it, you can achieve it.

I consciously chose fruit juice over ice kacang.

I consciously say no, not now, not today, to chendol.

So, did I win or did I lose in the challenge? It is all in the perspective that you are looking at.

For me, it has served its purpose.

What should I do next for October?

What challenge would you do this coming month?




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