100 Happy Days – Week 4

We are now entering week 4. So far, so good. Please let me have the strength to continue on, for I am forgetful at times. LOL.

Day 21 : Sept 21, 2014 : Spent the whole day doing a paint-by-number arts. Do you know what is it? It’s a piece of canvas, with numbers on it. And you apply the color according to the number. Sounds like going back to kindergarten and primary school time. But then again, I think my coloring is worse than the kids. It was fun though.

Day 22 : Sept 22, 2014 : Took an inter-company bus late in the evening. I thought it would reach my office. Alas the last stop was somewhere else. But the uncle driver was kind enough to detour and drop me at my office. Indebted in his kindness, feeling so grateful. Thank you!

Day 23 : Sept 23, 2014 : Had lunch at Henderson. While my colleagues queued for the famous sliced fish soup, I chose the road less taken – somewhere with less queue. And my colleagues laughed at me. “Should try the local famous dishes”. Haha, okok. Next time.

Day 24 : Sept 24, 2014 : My director shared some personal development tips and tricks in a department meeting today. Guess I have new post blog to write on. Happy to learn new things and new things to share.

Day 25 : Sept 25, 2014 : Had peanut ice kacang after lunch. It tasted so delicious, after weeks of abstinence of cold, icy desserts. Bliss of a sweet-tooth person who is deprived from all the cold desserts.

Day 26 : Sept 26, 2014 : Dinner and fruit juice after swimming lesson is a bliss. Feeling so contented. Like on cloud 9.

Day 27 : Sept 27, 2014 : A good, quiet time over the weekend, away from all the buzz and craze, to read some interesting books.



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